At present, the problem of disparity has progressed throughout the world, and poor people have lost hope.

This HOPE Project is a HOPE Project that distributes wealth to people with money trouble and fills the world with "hope" and "smiles."

We have completed a powerful network in which the leading companies of the financial world and business world that are active around the world collaborate.

By using the most advanced information gathered in this network, it is possible for any layman to obtain huge wealth without any specialized knowledge.

The representative of the HOPE Project is James Watanabe, who was highly active in the world's top financial institutions during his 20s, 30s, and mid-40s, after which he made his own successful projects one after another and maintains a strong pipeline with major players around the world.

James Watanabe

James Watanabe (Akifumi Watanabe)

Former vice president of Goldman Sachs
Former executive of Credit Suisse

HOPE Project member

Mohammed Salim(age 62)
Dubai Member
Franck Duvalier(age 59)
Germany Member
Hans Cadover(age 48)
Switzerland Member
Edgar Castillo(age 50)
France Member
Alain Guillain(age 47)
France Member
Chrles Tompson(age 47)
America Member
David Lewis(age 52)
America Member
Emma Carrera(age 63)
Italy Member
Harry Jenkins(age 55)
Germany Member
Isabella Gareia(age 52)
England Member
Kevin Lee(age 43)
Hong Kong Member
Jacob Anderson(age 61)
America Member
Mia Young(age 38)
China Member
Sophia Williams(age 51)
America Member
Lorenzo Torres(age 64)
France Member

Led by James Watanabe (Akifumi Watanabe),
the world's top members in the financial, business, business, and system industries
completed a powerful network to make the HOPE project successful.

We constantly gather the most advanced information that can be profitable and is hidden all over the world, scrutinize it with top members and deliver it to the project participants.
Top members carefully examine the information and deliver it to project participants.

In order to realize the mission of "distributing wealth to project participants, making everyone smile,
and expanding the loop of hope to the world,"
we pursue our goals thoroughly without compromising.

Project members are the leaders who continue to succeed in business throughout the world.

People who control the world, those who have the "right to issue currency," which is the greatest right of humanity in history, and their aides are members.

We are working to ensure success.

Specifically, the HOPE Project has solved the disparity problem in Europe (2011), Asia (2013), America (2015), and Japan (2018), and fills people with hopeful and smiles.
First, we will be successful in Europe, which has a strong financial network.

Next, we will roll out the success platform and achieve success in Asia.

Furthermore, in the United States, which has a strong economic base, we will solve the disparity problem.

After making the HOPE project successful in these three large areas,
As a culmination of the HOPE Project, we aim for success in Japan, which is the home country of the representative.

We will guide Japanese adults to happiness by making full use
of cultivated systems and platforms.

Status report:

At present, the EU HOPE Project, the ASIA HOPE Project, the US HOPE Project, and the Pre-HOPE Project, which is the predecessor of the JAPAN HOPE project, have been wonderfully successful.
All the participants became wealthy and achieved a life full of hope.
The culmination of the JAPAN HOPE project only remains.